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21Kraft is a premier Inbound Luxury Lifestyle and Travel Management Company for the Indian subcontinent. We are committed to provide travel management services for Leisure and business travels.


Lifetime experiences in India not to miss – the 5 things you need to do once in your life


Crossing the rapids, steering through the unstoppable water, and finally reaching the target point; it gives the adventure aficionados one of the best thrills possible. Water sport over the years has gained tremendous popularity in India. Now there are many famous river rafting places in India where one can go and indulge in the sport till your heart’s content.
Rishikesh is the hub of river rafting in India. You will find River Ganga flowing at its fast pace and surrounded by Garhwal Himalayas, making the river rafting here a fun-filled yet thrilling experience. Manali, you can enjoy your time with the rapids in River Beas which is suitable for novice to expert rafters. If you are looking for some good adrenaline rush, you must choose river rafting in the Indus River. As you raft through the river, you can enjoy the captivating view of Ladakh and Zanskar ranges.
To raft in the Tons River, in Uttarakhand you need to be an expert in rafting. It is considered as one of the most challenging places for river rafting by rafting professionals. The rapids here are grade III and IV which are not recommended for novice rafters. If you truly want to enjoy river rafting, you must try it in Brahmaputra River that starts from Tuting and ends in Pasighat. Make sure you have enough time to take the rafting, as it may take a week to cover the stretch. The rafting experience will be full of thrills as you will be surrounded by green and blue mountains of Arunachal Pradesh. This rafting is suggested especially to the experienced rafters.


After conquering the land, humans always had the desire to touch the blanket of clouds above their heads. Paragliding will fulfil all your desires of gliding in the blue sky and fly like a bird. Paragliding is an aero sport that is guided by expert paragliders and safety measures are taken before taking the flight down the height.
This sport was not much popular in India, but with the span of time adventure lovers are taking to the skies for last 15 years or so. There are different paragliding places in India that are satisfying the adventure-craving of the risk-takers.
One of the best locations for paragliding is Bir Billing where one can adore the pristine surrounding and enchanting views of lush velvet meadows from a height up to 2600m; Kunjapuri in Uttarakhand is the most beautiful paragliding destination offering some awe-inspiring views of Gangotri and surrounding peaks. Feel the cool breeze flowing over your face; Garhwal is perfect for beginners as the height is less, but still one can enjoy the open sky; Bedni Bugyal present breath-taking views of Himalayan mountains. Settled at an altitude up to 3354m above the sea level, Bedni Begyal is perfect for those who are looking for some high-level adventures as here you get to experience serene ambience with magnificent views of Himalayas; and Pavana in Maharashtra is another major destination for paragliding. One can enjoy gliding over the lake and the natural beauty of the place.
Other prime locations that are perfect for paragliding are Kullu, Solang, Lahul, Naukuchiatal and Yelagiri.


Snorkelling is easier and cheaper than scuba diving. You do not need to wear any kind of heavy swimsuit or the scuba equipment. All you need is a mask and some fins and you are good to go. In simple terms, snorkelling is swimming along the surface of the water and looking down at the ocean. You do not need any form of rigorous training or special skills. If you know how to swim, you would be able enjoy snorkelling at its best.
Elephant Beach, although it is possible to snorkel in almost all the beaches in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Elephant beach is the most popular among tourists. The water is clear, and you can easily spot a lot of marine life in this region. Lakshadweep Islands has become one of the most popular destinations in India for its water adventure sports. The islands are surrounded with a lot of coral reefs. There is abundance of marine beauty, and you can have a great experience while snorkelling. Tarkali beach in Maharashtra has an impressive beauty to it. This beach is very less crowded and with hundreds of marine species inhabiting in the region, it is surely one of the best places in India for snorkelling as well as diving.
Reefs in Pondicherry, This is one of the offbeat sites in Pondicherry for snorkeling. You can find exotic aquatic life underwaters such as lionfish, dolphins, whales, turtles, and bannerfish. Find fishes, sharks, colorful plants, and many coral reefs on this beach. Even those with medical conditions can go snorkeling in the waters of Tarkarli beach.
Goa is famous for its wild parties and this place by the Arabian Sea additionally fills in as a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Prominent for its underwater wrecks, these destinations of snorkelling in Goa pull in individuals from everywhere throughout the world. Probably the most famous destinations for both snorkelling and jumping are Grande Island, Wreck of Suzy, Cove of Shelter and Bay of Bounty.


India, the land where the light of wisdom always shines, is not just a destination for pilgrims and would-be hippies. It also is a country in which you can find trails that offer spectacular off-roading adventures. You can take in the majesty of the Himalayas, the solitude of Gujarati salt marshes, and the more than 15 waterfalls of the Bisle Ghats, all from behind the steering wheel of a 4×4.
At 3,528m above sea level, Zoji La is the second highest pass on the National Highway 1 between Srinagar and Leh. It is in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and offers awe-inspiring views as well as white-knuckle thrills. Rann of Kutch is in Gujarat, and covers an incredible 16,000km2. The region is divided by mother nature’s own hand into two distinct areas: namely the Great Rann and the Little Rann. The Great Rann is not just any old salt marsh. It may be underwater during monsoon season, but for the rest of the year, it is the biggest salt desert on the planet. The best time to visit is between October and March. While there, you can cross the tropic of Cancer.
Nicknamed ‘Heaven on Earth’, Bisle Ghat is one of the best places for off-roading in India during the monsoon. It is approximately 34km from Sakleshpur in Karnataka. You will travel along a road that gets progressively narrower as it passes through dense rainforest. The road also is a bus route, but other traffic is kept to a minimum. The route takes you past more than 15 waterfalls. Sach Pass is approximately 175km from Dalhousie and 127km from Chamba. The latter is located in the Churah Valley, which the pass connects with Himachal Pradesh’s Pangi Valley. The pass, which is at 4,420m above sea level, is open from July until mid-October, and offers numerous challenges, from gushing mountain streams to landslides.
The village of Devarabetta in Tamil Nadu is one of India’s best spots for off-roading on rocks. The best route to reach the village will take you through the Pearl Valley. When you reach your destination, you will understand why the name means ‘God’s Hill’. The monolith is a challenging climb for most off-road vehicles. It might be a good idea to visit the temple at the base of the hill before attempting to reach the top.


It’s no secret that yoga, spiritual mindfulness, and all sorts of New Age philosophies have permeated deep into the fabric of the Western world. If you're more interested in where the traditions started away from the trendy "Namaste-ers," however, a trip back to the land where zen Buddhism were born may be in order.
India is a huge and wonderful country with a rich culture and even richer food. It’s also packed with spiritual centres that can provide you a way to rebalance the pressures of daily life. Many monasteries are tucked away in mountain gorges or hidden in deep jungles where the only sounds are nature's calls.
Osho Meditation Resort, Pune A sprawling 40-acre “campus” located in Pune, the property features immaculate gardens, seminar and meditation auditoriums, and giant meditation pyramids. it's "a place where the mind, body and soul can play harmoniously together rather than pulling in different directions,"
Ananda in the Himalayas, A luxury ayurvedic retreat in India, Ananda combines traditional Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta with international wellness experiences, fitness, and healthy organic cuisine to restore balance and energy. Auroville is a small city in Puducherry and is perfect for people who want to escape from their fast-paced lives. You will find people of different nationalities and cultures here who believe in doing well for their community.
Vana, this is a place where you should come with an aspiration to rest, be healthy, learn, open your mind and soul, be with nature and strive to find more balance. Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems in the world, and Kerela is often recognized as the centre of its practice. Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort, set on 15 acres of Chowara Beach has a range of ayurvedic treatments for ailments and boasts of an Ayurveda hospital and training centre.
Carnoustie Ayurveda and wellbeing resort is an honor winning retreat on the shores of the Arabian ocean. At the Aryavaidyasala (Ayurveda Spa), the retreat offers you bona fide Ayurveda treatment, naturopathy, marma, pranic recuperating and yoga classes. A total treatment for your brain, body and soul under master direction. Shreyas Yoga Retreat & Ayurveda Resort, Bangalore is devoted to advancing the real profound custom of Yoga in an all-encompassing way and is perceived as one of the best Yoga withdrawals on the planet. What makes Shreyas special is that while Yoga is instructed in conventional ashram style (everyday yoga, reflection meetings, reciting classes, a severe vegan, no liquor strategy, and local area administration), our visitors live in an extravagant climate ordinarily connected with a star lodging.

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"Travel Guidelines to Indian Subcontinent - Updated 18 Feb 2022"Learn More

21Kraft is a premier Inbound Luxury Lifestyle and Travel Management Company for the Indian subcontinent. We are committed to provide travel management services for Leisure and business travels.