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21Kraft is a premier Inbound Luxury Lifestyle and Travel Management Company for the Indian subcontinent. We are committed to provide travel management services for Leisure and business travels.



The Global definition of luxury has been long trapped in physicality of the product,the craftsmanship, exclusivity and authenticity associated with Rolls Royce Phantom,a Hermes Scarf, or a bottle of crystal champagne. India, by contrast has always been more about the process than the product, luxury in india could not be the product, luxury in india could not be purchased off the shelf, It was a way of life. The India notion of has always been about customisation and service at home. Most of all its about 'Access' to things, to experience, to people the rest of the world does not enjoy.

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India is called ‘The Land of Spices’. There is no homogeneity of flavour between North and South


India is a shopper’s paradise. There is an astonishing variety of dazzling clothes, shoes

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Kerala is one of the smallest states of India, network of lakes, rivers and canals