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21Kraft is a premier Inbound Luxury Lifestyle and Travel Management Company for the Indian subcontinent. We are committed to provide travel management services for Leisure and business travels.



India’s history is filled with images of bejeweled kings, exquisite palaces ...

Laid Back

India is a land of charms, beauty, mystery and sophistication...


Kerala is one of the smallest states of India, network of lakes, rivers...

Hill Stations

India is a favourite tourist spot and has picturesque hill stations...


India serves as home to multiple desert biomes, each of which exhibit...


With its twenty-nine states and many hundreds of dialects...


India is a land of festivals and fairs. Virtually celebrating each day of the year...


India boasts the presence of every major religion in the world...

Wild Life

Wildlife in India has been surviving since the Vedic period ...


India's nightlife is diverse and growing with Restaurants...


Having 22 official languages only around, 150 languages...

Performing Arts

The performing arts is the art form which uses the artist's own bodily ...


India was once known, among other things, as the land of the Kamasutra...


The Global definition of luxury has been long trapped in...


From caves, temples and mosques to palaces and stupas, India boasts an architectural ...

World Heritage

A nations cultural and natural heritage embodied in buildings, monuments ...


India is called ‘The Land of Spices’. There is no homogeneity of flavour ...


India is a shopper’s paradise. There is an astonishing variety of dazzling ...


India is fast emerging as a favoured destination for adventure sport...


India is the birth place of Yoga and meditation, and they ...


With the Indus Valley civilization and several subsequent empires and kingdoms...

India exhibits a diversity that rarely has any parallels. Visiting India is like visiting another universe- complete with its own identity, characteristics and its charm. It is definitely not easy to be a part of this great nation. No matter how much you have read, heard and fantasized, your experience will be unique. While you visit India, you will share a story different from everyone who has ever put their foot on this amazing land.

It is quite impossible to see ‘India’ in just one trip. The geographical diversity, as well as the assortment of culture, makes India: truly an “Incredible India”. There are islands, beaches and backwaters in South India and also over 33000 temples.

At 21Kraft we curate complete experiences ourselves and around our clients expectations. Our Bespoke travel krafters’ spend time in knowing our customers and their needs, to plan a perfect itinerary which fits each individual’s requirements. We understand the destination and the challenges that come with it, thus we are prepared to adapt and modify based on the situation.

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Travel Destination & Itinerary Planners

In depth knowledge of travel destinations in the Indian Subcontinent. Detailed minute to minute daily itinerary customized to smallest factor.


Manage ground handling, hotels, activities and complete customer requirements


Meet & greet client safety, manage & make bookings, handle tour activities, provide client support at all times.

Tour Guides

Multi-Lingual guides to handle clients from the time they arrive to their departure

Quality Control

Maintain regular and rigorous checks to ensure complete client satisfaction & Safety at all times


As our name suggests, we see ourselves as (travel) crafter of the 21st century. Tailor-made trips, garned with impressive experiences, will be compiled for you.

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21Kraft is a premier Inbound Luxury Lifestyle and Travel Management Company for the Indian subcontinent. We are committed to provide travel management services for Leisure and business travels.